17.1.08 New photo of Superbaby Soraya
25.8.07 Raftsman Remix de MaBaker Klubsieger 2007 BOS, Raftsman Topgirl To MaBaker 4th best brindle female
14.7.07 New photos of Topgirl To MaBaker. Rider In Balck in Kokkola Int. show BOS with CACIB and Certificate
25.6.07 Updated Remix de MaBaker's and Rider In Black health recods and new photos of Topgirl To MaBaker's
16.4.07 New photos of Remix de MaBaker and Rider In Black
4.1.07 New photo of Topgirl To MaBaker

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Welcome to kennel Raftsman webpages

My fist boxer was a male and he came into my life in 1986, Pikar >>>. Couple of years later 1989 i bought my first female, Laura-Bainord >>>. I started my breeding in 1991, when the first Raftsman boxer litter was born. I have bred altogether 15 litters.

Raftsman boxers have been activly entering in dog shows and received several CCs and Sertificates. Raftsman Don Corleone has twice won the boxer special show and several Raftsman boxers have been placed in Best Male and Best Female classes. I have also bred several Champions.

Other Imports

In year 1998 I imported the firs west highland white terrier from Finland - Perhaps Pussycat. She has been showed in many dog shows with succees and she has received several titles.

In year 1999 we received a Scottish terrier from France via Finland, Perhaps Strange Music de Champernoune.

And in year 2003 I imported a brindle boxer female from Russia, Liter Bomond Shagrenevaya Polnoch'n, "Milli"

info >>>

Estonian boxers

In the middle of 90's I imported a boxer male Faerdron Roosevelt of Wildax "Theo" form Enland, with the help of my friend Kari Järvinen. This male has had a great influece in Estonian boxer population. And the influence can bee seen even in the 3rd generation.

Theo has offsprings also in Finland, which have had a great succees in Finnish show rings (INT CH Moonraker Ragdoll, Raftsman Make Your Move ja Raftsman Mist Of April). Unfortunately Theo passed away in year 1996.

info >>>

After Theo I leased a boxer male from Finland, Lladro vh Schlagek. He stayed in Estonia for 8 months. Lladro has also many good offsprings in Estonia.
info >>>

In year 1998 I imported an English male via Finland, Donnymoor Applause Please, "Max". Max has several winning puppies in Estonia.

info >>>

Meet the judge Juta Haranen

I have not limited my hobby only in breeding or showing my own dogs, but I have been working as a ring secretary in dog shows for 16 years. In year 2002 I qualified as FCI judge. At the moment I have right to judge:

* All breeds from 2. Group

* 3.2 Scottish Terrier
* 3.2 West Highland White Terrier

* All breeds from 4. Group

* 5.1 Samoyed
* 5.1 Alaskan Malamute
* 5.1
Siberian Husky

* 8.1. Golden Retriever
* 8.1. Labrador Retriever

* 9.3 Belgian Griffon
* 9.3. Brussels Griffon
* 9.3. Small Brabant Griffon
* 9.11 French Bulldog
* 9.11 Pug
* 9.11 Boston Terrier

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